Strabone (14-23 A.C.), in his geografhical work, specifies that in previous eras Enotria was identified in a wide area of south Italy, later the name prevailed, and it extended to the foot of the Italian Alps. Enotria could derive from the Greek Oinotron (Land of the vine linked to the pole), the condition of viticulture in Southern Italy arouses wonder in the Greek colonizers (VI B.C.). The Greeks coined the name, linked to the ability of the Lucanians in the cultivation and propagation of the vine. The Enotri and then the Lucanians practiced a very advanced cultivation of the vine, lifting it from the ground and tying it to a pole. The geographical area of interest is defined as the Third Centre for the Domestication of the Vine, for the evolution in the cultivation and for the birth of new varieties including Pinot Noit (Basi_vin Sud)