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Devine stories

Devine Moon is a surreal tale about the mystery of maternity; it is the story of a woman who, as often happens, receives from existence and in this case from wine, a great vital chance and at the same time a psychic dissociation due to the events of a complex experience. "Wine, the guardian of the seed of life inebriates and overwhelms, like a beneficent deity, through the heat of the must, brings the fruit to maturity with the power of natural energy. The visible fruit brings joy, unaware is the cause." On the night of Christmas, when the Son of Wine was born, a miracle was performed. It is the story of the birth of an ancestor who is saved by a bath in wine. The infant in serious health was risking his life due to a respiratory crisis. In those moments of great excitement, the mother gave order to the women who took care of heating wine aglianico. Immediately the child was immersed in a basin of hot wine and almost miraculously the new-born baby began to breathe, his cries were sweet sound for the family. This episode is the beginning of our journey in the world of wine.

It began like this, a story we like to remember, a beautiful memory, a passion that reappears in 2000. We began to dance again among the rows, barrels, and bottles to the rhythm of that sweet music. The encounter with the land, a path full of new ways to undertake, business projects. and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Make the company competitive but above all in step with the times. Aglianico del Vulture to drink, sustainable. Create a synergy between volcanic territory and Aglianico, guardian of the seed, visible fruit of joy. The hills of Vulture tell a thousand-year-old story, the passion of the women and men of this land is work.

“…He rushed into the cellar, he tapped off the nocturnal wine by the finest barrel and delivered it to the midwife. The woman warmed it up in a copper pot over the brazier, letting the scents, like evanescent angels, inebriated the room. And she poured the hot wine into the tub and dipped the child in it.

…. They remained there, for an indefinite time, waiting for the angel’s arrival. Or the prodigy. From the street went up the echo of a song: "Oh my child, my divine …". And di-wine was it". With their vines incarnated to the promise of a land of lava, of blossoms and of macerations. To the earth livid and generous of Vulture. A Land perfumed of miracles that, in a holy night of fear, welcomed into her womb that night destiny. The fate of the son of wine"
From “Il Figlio del Vino”
By Mimmo Sammartino


Our Timeline

Birth of the project with the Rabasco family
First harvest and vinification of Divinus
Divinus it’s in the glasses
Nocturnal harvest
Nocturnal harvest and birth of Nocte
Nocte is in the glasses
Piano di Carro
New Vineyards to Piano di Carro
Pinot Noir Lucano is born, the Vineyard is planted in contrada Calata delle Brecce
Vulcano 800
Vulcano 800 Pinot Noir it’s in the glasses
Cotarella joins Terra dei Re
Winemaker Cotarella joins Terra dei Re
Lerà Rosso
The Lerà Red it’s in the glasses
Calata delle Brecce
The Calata delle Brecce it’s in the glasses

Natural-born Winemakers

The processing of the precious grapes takes place in the part of the cellar completely buried. Everything happens by fall, by limiting the use of mechanical pushes to preserve the integrity and delicacy of the must. For the reduction of Co2 emissions in the atmosphere, the cellar was equipped with a photovoltaic system and tanks for the collection of rainwater. It develops on different levels to prevent bacterial interaction during the working phases, it is designed to reduce energy consumption, storage takes place in underground areas where temperatures are constant and are not affected by seasonal variations.