Aglianico del Vulture

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  • Mighty and powerful in all its manifestations, yet at the same time very soft, fleshingly enveloping. The spices wear it in chlorophyll and vanilla balm, without that its rich endogenous aromatic component and its pulpy fruit is in part overwhelmed by this expansion of aromas. Here joins the sweetness of blackcurrent, with a softness and an olfactory clearness of superior enologic class.

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  • Type of wine: Red Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C.G.
    Grapes: Aglianico 100%
    Vineyard location village: Barile
    Vineyard: Piano di Carro
    Exposure and altimetry: South-east – 400 mt a.s.l.
    Soil: Volcanic
    Training system: Espalier
    Vine density: 8000 plants per hectar
    Grapes yeld: 40 quintals per hectar – 0.5 kg per vine stock
    Vinification yeld: 55%
    Harvest time: Beginning of november
    Color: Garnet Red
    Alcohol by vol.: 14,5%
    Bottle capacity: 750 ml – Magnum: 1500 ml
    Serving Suggestions: game, roast meats, aged cheese.
    Best served at: 18 °C

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    Divinus Magnum

  • Vinification in rose of red grapes of the Vulture hills. The bouquet is rich in aromas, clear the perception of citrus notes, the hints of peach blossom give it a velvety finish. The mouthfeel freshness and complexity make it pleasing to the taste.

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    Lerà Rosato

  • The hills of Vulture tell of a millenary history. Since ever on this volcanic crust are produced very excellent wines. Red Lerà is the work and passion of men of this land. Ruby red with a fruity bouquet, fragrant and intense. Wine with a thousand faces.

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    Lerà Rosso

  • Imperious and precious, with a complex texture, NOCTE by nocturnal harvest. An exuberant embrace of softness and intensity, tannins of refined elegance blend with intriguing spices. The withered rose and the violet give it the velvety final sensation.

    Vincitore tre bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2021

    In autunno nell’emisfero boreale si verificano delle condizioni climatiche molto particolari, durante l’estate di San Martino, in coincidenza temporale con la vendemmia del Nocte abbiamo escursioni termiche molto evidenti che favoriscono la formazione di precursori aromatici, sono sostanze che conferiranno aromi al vino.

    Da diversi anni analizziamo le differenze aromatiche dell’uva raccolta di notte e notiamo una predominanza delle componenti fruttate. Continuiamo nella sperimentazione per accertare che la vendemmia notturna conferisce più accentuate note aromatiche.

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